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Diploma in Flight Catering Technology (6 Months)

Flight catering services refer to the specialized provision of food, beverages, and other related services to passengers and crew members aboard commercial flights. These services play a crucial role in ensuring the comfort and well-being of passengers during their air travel experience.

Flight catering services are typically provided by specialized companies known as in-flight catering providers or airline catering services. These providers work in collaboration with airlines to meet the specific requirements and preferences of passengers and ensure a high standard of food quality and service.


Flight catering job opportunities can be found within the aviation industry, specifically with in-flight catering providers or airline catering services. Here are some common job roles and opportunities in flight catering

1. Catering Manager: This role involves overseeing the entire catering operation, including menu planning, food production, quality control, inventory management, and coordination with airline clients. Catering managers are responsible for ensuring efficient and smooth operations while maintaining high standards of food quality and service.

2. Executive Chef: Flight catering companies employ executive chefs who are responsible for menu development, recipe creation, and culinary innovation. They lead the kitchen operations, supervise the culinary team, ensure compliance with food safety regulations, and maintain consistency in taste and presentation.

3. Sous Chef and Line Cooks: These positions involve food preparation and cooking activities in the flight catering kitchen. Sous chefs and line cooks work under the guidance of the executive chef, following standardized recipes and ensuring the timely production of meals while adhering to strict quality and safety standards.

4. Menu Planner: Menu planners work closely with airline clients to design menus that cater to passenger preferences, dietary requirements, and cultural considerations. They conduct research on food trends, develop creative and appealing menus, and collaborate with the culinary team to execute the chosen menu offering.

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Eligibility for admission to the course is Higher Secondary certificate (10+2) from a recognized board.

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